Advanced Placements

This section covers other features that are available with placements. While not a requirement for the AdInMo SDK, we highly recommend you make use of these features.

Debug Size Threshold

The AdInMo SDK comes with a tool that allows developers to ensure the size of their placements within Unity Editor is large enough to generate revenue.

Select the Adinmo Manager in your scene and check Debug Size Threshold. A border will appear around your placements. Green means you are able to generate revenue from your placement. Red means your placement is currently too small.


Placement Groups

Using groups allows you to have multiple placements displaying the same advertisement campaign. Currently, the AdInMo SDK supports up to 10 groups.

Once a group has been created, placements can be assigned to the group. The option to create/edit groups can be found either when creating a new placement or by editing an existing one.