Unity Advanced Functions

From here you can add more functionality to the AdInMo SDK within your game. This section contains a range of functions that you can add and will require editing C# scripts.

Callback Function

For added control, there is a callback function you can register. This is useful for hiding an object until the replacement textures have been downloaded and applied, thus avoiding a visual pop.


Your delegate function must be of the form:

1void MyDelegate( string message );

Background Colour

If the placement doesn’t fill the object its applied to, you may need to alter the background colour. We provide a call to get the background colour set by the advertisement so you can update the object as required.

1Color AdinmoTexture.GetBorderColor()

Rotate Textures

To manually control when textures are cycled, call:

1AdinmoManager.SetAutoCycleTextures(bool bEnabled)

You can rotate which textures are displayed on which placements by calling the following function, e.g. between levels.

1void AdinmoManager.CycleTextures()

Temporarily Disable AdInMo Processes/Traffic

If you want to temporarily disable all AdInMo processing and network traffic, you can call:


To resume normal operations, call:


To check if Adinmo is currently running call:


To check if plugin’s initial setup has run, call:


To check if the plugin was successfully able to connect to Adinmo’s server during initial setup (otherwise a cached setup will be loaded)